La Cala de Mijas-Cosmopolitan Properties

La Cala de Mijas is on the Coast you will fall in love with the charm of this old fishing town. Unspoiled by mass tourism with golden sandy beaches and every sporting activity you can bring to mind – fall in love with La Cala de Mijas ! La Cala de Mijas boasts the only horse-racing course on the Costa del Sol. Called the Hipódromo Costa del Sol, this large race course has regular meets, a thriving social scene, organised bookmakers and some of the best Irish, British and French racehorses on the continent, so grab a beer and have a fluster!

  • This little gem is an expat refuge, affordable authentic and privileged. The town centre has fountains as roundabouts; trimmed tree-lined streets; well-built Spanish gentlemen staring in bewilderment at the fast-paced town that has sprung up around them; a multinational collection of families and couples flamboyant and all over the place, giving La Cala de Mijas a slightly cosmopolitan and exciting, atmosphere. La Cala de Mijas’ central road has British-style cafeterias serving all-day English breakfasts with your more traditional Spanish restaurants and bars. Chalkboard menus advertise ‘Menú del día’ and ‘churros frescos’, or ‘bangers ‘n mash’ and ‘Sunday roasts’… it’s all stress-free and there’s a strong community feeling, among both the locals and the expats. This close-knit atmosphere lends the resort a village atmosphere, where even the beachgoers all seem to know each other, making it have the feel of the long lost atmosphere of the villages of our forefathers ;reflecting happier, and carefree times. This entire aura can be found in La Cala de Mijas.

A few steps from the centre, La Cala de Mijas boasts a reasonably large commercial centre that lines the coastal road on its northern side. Inland, the landscape takes a turn for the picturesque – just a short drive past a football field brings you through a small forest and out into undulating countryside. The horizon is paused by the mountains but the nearside views are all breathtakingly beautiful with the hills and the discrete “fincas” and “cortijos” and empty long roads, making it your ideal place for you to go,”almost”; off the grid.