Fuengirola is well known property sales and rentals

Fuengirola is well known for its long seafront and sunny beaches, where you will find a wide offer of hotels and different properties for sale with beautiful views over the Mediterranean Sea. The promenade is ideal for a nice walk at sunrise or sunset; with palm trees from one extreme to the other, flower beds and benches to sit down and have a rest, walk down to the port you will see many leisure boats and yachts, it’s a relaxing stroll that is enjoyable as you watch the fishing boats head out to sea.

Fuengirola has a great amount of restaurants and local tapas bars, where you’ll enjoy the varied gastronomy of the area and as well as the well known fried fish.

On the beach walk you can still find Roman remains like the thermal baths near Torreblanca, or the ruins of a Roman road elements of the past that show us the importance of this town. During the 17th century the Muslims who changed its name to “Sojayl” The name of the Sohail, the castle, on the outskirts of the city sitting on a hilltop overlooking the sea.
On Tuesday, the “Fuengirola Market” takes place in the town’s fairground and opens in the morning till it is lunchtime. . Spanish lunchtime that is around 3 o’clock! It’s worth a wonder round to check out the wide variety of merchandise that’s on sale, clothing, watches, to products and produce from Andalusia. There is also a second-hand market on Saturdays and a similar one on Sundays in the far end area of Fuengirola just before the river that separates the town from the castle hill.

You will find excellent beaches to cool off or sunbathe, plus on these beaches you can hire jet skis: Los Boliches, Las Gaviotas and Torreblanca.
It has a nightlife that is very well known with plenty of places to choose from. Most of the pubs, clubs and discos are located on the seafront by the port.
If you’re traveling with children, you will enjoy a visit to the Fuengirola Zoo that hosts a wide variety of different species from the animal world. Also a day trip to Biopark in Fuengirola is a recommendable for all.

You will also find many other attractions to enjoy with friends or family.

For the locals, life continues, the fishermen set out to sea everyday, the same way they did when it was only a small fishing village many decades ago.